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Business Group

Here is the List of our Business Group

People Inside Taxi

Goal International Co.,Ltd

They provide a 24-hour transfer and pickup service to/from Narita or Haneda Airport


Our goal is your satisfaction.

We guarantee you a great price and great service.

Med Service Japan

Med Service Japan, was founded on November 1st 2020, with the aim of being a place to consult for those who need medical services in Japan. The founders of Med Service Japan, are professionals in the medical and service fields in Japan. The services we provide are an integrated and integrated solution between appropriate hospital needs for health examination/patient healing, available technology, and services that prioritize hospitality.

We hope to provide maximum service to patients and accompanying families so they can travel to Japan safely and comfortably.

Doctor and Patient


Kingoro is derived from the name of a former Japanese military soldier who was an expert in weaponry.

The process of yarn spinning, coloring, and weaving the Kingoro materials into uniforms (for the Indonesian Police) are manufactured in Japan.

We are currently starting to produce and sell high quality safety suits that are comfortable on the skin in general.

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