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Medical Service Japan

About Us

The development of medical science is growing rapidly today.

Japan is one of the developed countries in the field of advanced medical technology. 

Senior Patient
Nurse Talking to Patient

On that basis, and based on our experience in providing services to patients who wish to seek treatment in Japan, we established a service called Medical Service Japan, to facilitate access to the latest health services in Japan.

Bridging the limitations to refer patients from all around the world to Japan through, arranging, providing translation services, transportation, accommodation for both patients and their families.

We also guarantee that our patient could fully understand the explanation from the medical institution.

Medical Service Japan will be very happy to serve you starting from the departure from your country until you arrive in Japan, with a sense of security and comfort.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Our Services

Medical Consultation

Consulting (Second Opinion)

We are ready to provide you the general and specialist health consultation service facilities, according to both the patient’s needs and wishes or with the help of japan medical service team
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